Mt Penang Stage 2

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Project Overview

Catalyst Project Consulting have been engaged by Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation (HCCDC) to manage contract procurement and construction for subdivision enabling works at Mount Penang Parklands site at Kariong NSW. This project involves the provision of water and sewer reticulation services and inter allotment drainage to enable the integration (subdivision) of three Lots, into two Lots. HCCDC also have an obligation to transfer the private road assets located at Mount Penang Kariong known as Festival Drive and The Avenue to Central Coast Council which is also incorporated within the project.

The Mt Penang site was first developed in 1923 as the Gosford Training School (juvenile justice center). The grounds comprise of 158 hectares of bushland including; heritage assets, community facilities and viable development sites.

The site works include the following:

· Construction of 390m sewer main.

· Construction of 1000m water main (including 2x under bores beneath Kangoo Road).

· Construction of Inter allotment drainage.

· Construction/Upgrade of Festival Drive and The Avenue as per terms of asset transfer.