16-18 Newcomen Street

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Project Overview

Since 2018, the owners/residents of 16-18 Newcomen Street have been experiencing water ingress issues from various origins. Extensive façade repairs are required along with replacement of the roof and drainage upgrades.

Catalyst was engaged to assist with developing a scope and running a competitive tender for the façade remediation, roof replacement and drainage upgrades.

What did we do?

Working closely with the Strata Committee, Catalyst engaged a remedial engineer on behalf of the owners to inspect the building, complete destructive and non-destructive testing, and develop a remedial scope.

Catalyst prepared and released to the market a competitive tender package. Sourcing specialist remedial contractors in the volatile market proved to be more difficult than initially anticipated. After collaborative contract negotiations, the façade repair contract was awarded to Onyx Rope Access.

Catalyst represented the owners as their trusted contract superintendent throughout the construction phase. As Catalyst does not hold rope access/abseiling certifications, we relied on drone technology to complete inspections.

Project Value